One of the First Large Scale Cultural Exchanges.
The organisation in Ljubjiana was done by S.K.U.C.
Participants: Phonebox Vandals, Strelnikoff, Lolita, Quad Massacre, Miran Pesic, Stripcore, Harry Vlemmix, Robert Poortman, Neven Korda, Miran Eric, Igor Andelic, Alabama Kids, AK47, Dick Verdult, Anarcrust, Lood, Maric, Maria van Heeswijk, Merrit, E. de Smet, Guus 'Zappa' Veldhuis, Mark Dijkstra, Antarctica, Parking Brothers, Trash, Blind, Maggy van Zon and others.
In 1990 the foto with all the artists and bands before the coach was token in Ljubljiana.